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Note: the following links only point to official government resources. If you need other documents relating to constitutional matters, please try the historical resources page.

The Canadian constitution is not so much one integral legal text than it is an array of documents that make up the supreme law of the land. The basis is the British North America Act (BNA Act; a.k.a. Constitution Act, 1867). In 1960, a Bill of Rights was added. After a few failed attempts at devising a domestic amending formula and revising the BNA Act, then prime minister Pierre Trudeau succeeded - at the cost of excluding the government of Québec from the final deliberations - in "patriating" the constitution (Constitution Act, 1982) in 1982. It came with a Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Since then, the amending process has been revised and the question of the secession of a province clarified.

The department of justice has put together a good portal for your research of the legal landscape.

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