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I have collected a few links to internet resources for students of Canadian history and politics. The aim is to provide a sensible amount of categorized and commented links from which to start your research, not a mile-long list of links to even the most obscure website out there. For the time being, certain areas like aboriginal or women's issues are not covered, while others like the Canada-Québec question figure prominently. Consider this a work in progress. I am, of course, open to suggestions and criticism. Please, feel free to drop me a line at the email address at the bottom of each document.


A bunch of links to newspapers, television networks, and web portals. Many of these sites have their own archives and search engines. For general searches for Canadian sites you might consider using the Canadian versions of Google, AltaVista, or Yahoo!. Archives usually don't provide material older than a few weeks (not for free, anyway), so you might have to go down to your nearest library for further research. But see the links to Canadian universities, they might provide online public access catalogues (OPAC) and other means of research.


By now, practically every department and agency of the federal government should have some information online. I will spare you the complete list and only give a few pointers to the sites that I think are most important and useful. Your mileage may vary. You will also find links to all provincial and territorial governments.


List of Canadian universities by province. You will find a huge amount of material on these sites if you know how to navigate them, which more often than not proves rather frustrating. Hint: make excessive use of their internal search engines.

Legal Documents

A few direct links to the most important constitutional and legal documents.

History Resources

Here, you will find a couple of websites which provide chronologies, documents, and historiographical material.

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